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Sex And The City: Samantha Jones

Outgoing, stylish, fabulous and fifty.

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Oh Samantha Jones...

She was impeccably fierce on her time on Sex and The City. In fact, my fondest memories of the show came from watching her hilariously blunt scenes. Her red power suits, her amazing high heels, her ability to shop whenever she wanted and her love for men and casual sex were a few of the things that stood out about Samantha Jones' character. I loved Jones' character because not only was she incredibly successful but she was also a great friend, amazing at her job and completely unapologetic. Although talks of the third movie have now been squashed, watching Samantha Jones throughout the series and the first two movies changed my outlook on how women had to be portrayed in the media. I loved that Jones' character didn't care much for relationships and insisted on putting herself first. That doesn't mean she's a selfish person- it just means that she knows and loves herself too much to be unhappy. The way Samantha was portrayed showed that a woman could be successful, confident, have friends, and a great love life but not be in a relationship or married (even when all of her friends were). Her unapologetic attitude was inspiring and refreshing. Her personality and style stayed consistent throughout the series and the movies. Samantha was blunt, sarcastic, hilarious, fierce and unapologetically confident in herself. The only time we see any of her character traits falter is when she gets cancer throughout the series. Even then, her recovery and personality shoot right back up after a momentary lapse. Samantha's taught me that it's okay to love yourself a little too much and put yourself first because chances are no one is going to love you or know you more than yourself.

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