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Sex And The City: Carrie Bradshaw

"They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style." Carrie Bradshaw

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Make yourself a cosmopolitan and lets discuss Carrie Bradshaw.


Okay, I will admit I've watched the show and the movies that followed (no matter how cheesy some of the plot lines became) at least 4 times each. Really though, I mean Carrie's quotes throughout the show are enough to draw you in. I love this show for many reasons. Besides it being an HBO classic, it featured four strong, beautiful yet completely flawed women. Throughout the show and the movies, the viewer is taken through incredibly relatable (and some highly unrelatable) life scenarios. I aspired to be like Carrie, with her famous Manolo Blahniks and her 3 best girlfriends who loved her, grew up with her and stuck by her- for better or for worse. For this post, I'll be talking about Carrie in Sex and The City the movie .

The wedding effect.

For those of you who have seen the movie, I'll begin this post on the most heartbreaking scene. You know the one...where Big leaves Carrie at the altar and their cars meet and she screams "I knew you would do this!" as she hits him with her bouquet of white roses-yes that one. I have seen this scene countless times but I still tear up whenever I watch the movie. Something that always stood out to me in the scene was who Carrie decided to run to for comfort. She chose Charlotte, her kindest and most sensitive friend. The way Charlotte yells "NO!" at Big when he tries to approach Carrie again, to me, always represented the immensely strong bond Carrie had with her friends. While Big may have been the love of her life, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda were her soulmates. After the wedding we see a complete change in Carrie. The girls take Carrie's honeymoon vacation in Mexico and turn it into a girls trip instead. During this phase, Carrie is incredibly somber. All she does for the first few days is sleep. We see a strong bond between her and Samantha here when Samantha feeds her breakfast and states that she has to eat something before she can go back to sleep. This shows that when Carrie is incredibly sad and vulnerable the only people she depends on or opens up to are her best friends. Carrie eventually gets out of her "mexi-coma" and returns to New York. Before she returns however, Carrie checks her voicemail which is full of messages from Big. Before she can hear any of them, she throws her phone in the ocean. This shows that Carrie wanted to leave her past behind her and start over fresh- even if she was going back home. Upon her return to New York, Carrie dyes her hair brown, reinvents her apartment, and reinvents herself in an attempt to get away from her past and the wedding that never happened. Through some soul searching she realizes that the huge wedding with the Vivienne Westwood dress, although great, wasn't what she had wanted in the first place. She wanted to marry Big in a courthouse, in a simple elegant dress suit. We see Carrie's character truly evolve when her assistant comes into her life- Louise from Saint Louis. Louise helps Carrie get her life back together after the wedding and at this point in the movie we see Carrie getting back to her old self again- full of wit, humor, 4 inch heels, and great blonde hair. In my next post I'll be talking about Samantha's evolution throughout Sex and The City.

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