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Thriftsandthreads Blog by Brittany Xavier

Brittany Xavier / Via

Brittany Xavier (thriftsandthreads)- Xavier's blog began in 2013 as a fashion blog that highlighted where she bought affordable yet great outfits. Her blog has now expanded onto lifestyle by covering beauty, fashion and travel. Some strengths this blog has is how Xavier has made it so accessible and personable. The blog is easy to navigate with plenty of pictures and hyperlinks to help users navigate to other sites or links. One area of possible improvement would be the appearance of the description beneath her photos. If the paragraphs below were centered and in a different font, it would make her blog look more sophisticated.

Y Travel Blog By Caz and Craig Makepeace

Caz and Craig Makepeace / Via

Caz and Craig Makepeace are a married couple from Australia who started blogging in 2010. Their blog talks about their travels with their family, how/where to travel, and resources/tips for traveling on a budget. The blog has many strengths such as the breakdown of traveling: what to do before traveling, travel research, and discovering your personal travel style. One area of improvement could be updating the blog posts and experiences. For example under the travels to Greece, the last updated blog was posted in 2010. Caz and Craig could update the post now to include things to be done and other places to be seen in Greece in 2017.

Sazan.Me Blog By Sazan Hendrix

Stevie Hendrix / Via

Sazan Hendrix is a lifestyle blogger who discusses travel, relationships, beauty, style and recently pregnancy as she has just revealed that she is expecting. Sazan's blog is filled with beautiful photographs and personal details of her life, which makes her readers feel like they are involved in every step of her journey. While her posts were thorough, Hendrix posts could be very lengthy which made it a little hard to get through the whole post.

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