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    Bea Arthur's Top 10 Strangest Outfits On The Golden Girls

    Dorothy was always the most level-headed of the girls... but we're not really sure what the Fashion Police would have to say about her wardrobe.

    10. That time she accidentally wore a couch slip-cover.

    Girl, we see you, Bea. There's no need to wear hot pink doilies to get our attention.

    9. When she dressed like some sort of admiral in the Navy.

    Just in case you forgot who's in charge here, fellas.

    8. The wedding dress from Hell.

    The great thing about this dress is you can actually remove those giant marshmallows around the neckline and make s'mores with them .

    7. When she channeled her inner Material Girl.

    Shine bright like a diamond, ladies.

    6. When she wore what looked like a Jackson Pollock fiesta.

    I don't think any of us can handle this much spice in one shirt.

    5. Dorothy. That ain't no dress.

    Actually, I'm pretty sure this black thing was the villain in "Ferngully."

    4. When she donned this purple, Grecian, offense.

    Baggy purple sweatsuit too casual for date night? Dress it up with your pink bed sheet!

    3. When in doubt, Dorothy puts on her dressy-outing pajamas.

    Rose is covering her ears because this outfit is so loud. (*womp womp*)

    2. It was always exciting when this giant, purple, crushed velvet heap made an appearance.

    If you ever wanted to look like Grimace, now you know how!

    1. And finally... THE GREEN TUXEDO DRESS.

    It's glorious. Like a shimmering, flowing, sassy green salad – topped with a jaunty bow tie, of course!

    But, in the end, it doesn't really matter what anybody thinks of her clothes, because Dorothy has only one thing to say to the haters.