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    12 Christmas Decorations Who Totally Nailed It

    Nothing says "holiday spirit" like a Christmas tree made of beer cans.

    1. A good holiday decor theme is always the classic "Christmas Vomit."

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    2. Looks like someone's FINALLY figured out the true meaning of Christmas.

    3. Ohh, the weather outside is phallis — er, frightful!

    4. After all, Christmas is really about sharing, right?

    5. "Oh, hey there. Have you been naughty or nice?"

    6. Frosty the Cannibal keeps unwanted visitors away.

    7. I guess the mistletoe really went to their heads ...

    8. Trees are for the environmentally ignorant!!

    9. Time for the gift of the 'Meh'-gi.

    10. Be good, kids, or Santa will come to your house and pee on your yard.

    11. If your Christmas tree doesn't smell like beer, you're doing something wrong.

    12. This year, hundreds of people will be affected by Miley Cyrus wrecking their Christmas tree.