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    10 Bizarre Foreign Versions Of English Movie Posters

    Sometimes things get a bit lost in translation ...

    1. Die Hard (Japan) / Via

    I mean, I guess it IS pretty important to know that he doesn't have any shoes. Like, that shit's impressive.

    2. The Muppet Movie (Poland) / Via

    Your nightmares have now been realized. Goodbye forever!

    3. Star Wars: A New Hope (Hungary) / Via

    I don't remember the strange triangle beast, but I could be wrong...

    4. The Terminator (Africa)

    thisblogrules / Via

    It's always really awkward when bad eye-placement happens to good Arnolds.

    5. Jaws 2 (Hungary)

    budapestposter / Via

    This shark is just SUPER surprised they made a sequel, that's all.

    6. Army Of Darkness (Japan)

    posterwire / Via!prettyPhoto

    Because the most important part of this WHOLE DAMN MOVIE is the SOUP.

    7. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (India)

    businessinsider / Via

    Sorry, D. Radcliffe. This is ... less than flattering.

    8. The Spy Who Loved Me (Africa)

    dangerousminds / Via

    Because past-tense is for chumps.

    9. Bullitt (Germany)

    Yikes yikes yikes.

    10. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Turkey)

    thebestlittlefilmhouse / Via

    I guess somebody saw "The Shining" and was like, "Close enough!"