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Things you can expect when moving back home after studying abroad

Studying abroad is an incredible adventure, but what many don't think about is going back home... until it happens.

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4. Incredible happiness when seeing your family and pets

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You haven't seen them in so long and it warms you inside to be able to hug mum and dad! Plus there's nothing more pure than seeing your dog recognise you even if he hasn't seen you in two years!

5. Getting drunk with school friends and catching up

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"Do you remember little Mary from school? Well she got a boob job!"

You will have an intense gossip session in which you'll realise that nothing changes and your friends will always be your friends.

7. Realising living with your parents (even when they’re the nicest to you in every possible way) is way overdue

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They will take care of you when you cry when you're going through stage 6 and you love them with all your heart. But even they know living with them is not ideal.

8. Telling every single person how hard it’s been

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You tried to keep a brave face and tell friends it's been wonderful being back home but that didn't work. Now you just rant about how hard it is and cry a little.

9. Starting to accept it and transitioning / Via

You finally reach the transitioning stage, where you do one of the following: join yoga, start going to the gym, start learning a language, or actually get a job. Anything to get distracted and start to get into a routine.

10. Moving on (or so I hope)

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Not quite there yet, so only time will tell how this develops. However, you will always be grateful you had the amazing opportunity of travelling and studying abroad, of the friends you made and of the memories you have. So look on the bright side and start planning the next journey!

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