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15 Things Only Retired Sorority Girls Know To Be True

Because you never outgrow sisterhood.

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1. You still meticulously browse Pinterest for craft ideas for recruitment.

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2. You're always suggesting themes for parties with your post-grad friends.

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3. Your heart flutters with excitement when you're out and you hear songs that remind you of your sisters, causing you to immediately text/run across the bar to find them.

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4. And your sorority song still makes you cry.

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5. You live vicariously through your little sister, daughter, cousin, etc., who is still an active member.

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6. You miss attending mixers with fraternities, even though you would feel like a grandma going.

7. You get jealous when you hear about cool new events your chapter is doing.


8. It may have been years since you pledged, but you miss the time when you were always with your pledge class.

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9. You have more sorority clothes than you know what to do with, but you won't get rid of them.

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10. Seeing shade thrown from rival sororities on social media still pisses you off.

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11. You still scope out the newest pledge class each semester.

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12. You still have your paddle hanging on your wall.

13. You're holding on to your title as beer pong/flip cup/funnel champion.


14. You feel a sense of pride when you see your chapter accomplish something great.

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15. When you think back to your best memories from college, they're with your sorority.

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