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Did you know 73% of people who start a new health and fitness plan quit?... (but not you of course, because you're reading this!)

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1. WTF is a diet?!

It's not said enough.. But one of the most important and mentally helpful rule for

getting and staying fit and healthy...

Along with all of your greasy foods, throw out the word 'diet' immediately.

That word is not your friend. To effectively maintain long term fitness and health, it's

important that approach healthy eating and exercise as a Lifestyle Change.


 Well, first of all any word with the word 'die' in it is instantly unappealing. See:


 Secondly, we live in a world full of advertisements and marketing techniques promising

'quick results' and fad dieting techniques, these focus on short term gain and with

fitness 'easy come, easy go' is as true as ever.

 For long term and consistent results, not temporary ones, it is important to escape the

diet mentality, which focuses on a the number on the scale and a complete purge of

foods you love.

 Instead, find a maintainable system of healthy ENJOYABLE eating and ENJOYABLE

exercise that can last you years, and watch your body and health transform!


 Water can help increase your metabolism as well as flush out the toxins from your

system and improve your health.

 Drinking water before a meal can help digestion and make you feel fuller, therefore

helping you avoid overeating and lowering your calorie intake, leading to weight loss!

 Lemon water is an especially great detox drink!

 Water does not have to just come from the tap into a glass either.. Teas and other

healthy drinks with water content count towards your water intake – as well as food.

For Example: Watermelon, Mangoes, Cucumbers, Papayas, Grapefruit, Strawberries – all

healthy, all a great part of your water content, all great tools for weight loss and health!


A solid playlist can make the difference between a good workout – and the workout

where you discover your inner Ali and work it like a champion!

Some Great Workout Songs:

 Sean Paul - 'Get Busy'

 Destiny's Child - 'Survivor'

 Kelly Clarkson - 'What Doesn't Kill You'

 Wham! - 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go'

 LL Cool J - 'Mama Said Knock You Out'

 Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj - 'Bang Bang'

 Beyonce ft. Jay Z - 'Crazy In Love'

 Nelly - 'Hot In Here'

 Eminem- 'Lose Yourself'

 Lady Gaga - 'Born This Way'


Let's bust this myth... Whilst there is a common misconception that eating several small

meals throughout the day is best for weight loss…this is actually a very bad approach!

 Personal trainer and fitness expert Jillian Michaels says "If you keep eating small

amounts of food throughout the day, you'll never burn any fat."

 It can also make keeping track of calorie consumption very hard!

 Instead, it is advised that to stay fit and healthy, eating three balanced meals a day, with

some healthy snacking is best!


What is not to love?

 Antioxidants (these can lower the risk of different types of cancer)

 It burns fat and increases metabolism

 Lowers risk of Alzheimer's Disease

 Lowers Risk of Type 2 Diabetes


So there is a (fortunately decreasing) stigma surrounding women who lift weights.

They can be labelled 'too buff', or 'masculine'. These stereotypes are unfortunate &

misleading, so if you come across any of them remember:

 Weight training helps you burn more calories throughout your day, helping your calorie

deficit, which is essential for weight loss.

 Weight training increases fat free body mass and your metabolism – helping to convert

your body mass into muscle instead of fat.

 Weight training increases the strength of your muscles and tissues – essential in

improving exercise performance and avoiding injury in your fitness journey – and giving

you the strength to punch the small minded and insecure people who criticize your

badass muscles.

7. REST!

To maintain a healthy lifestyle exercised is advised 3-5 times. This means you have to rest!

This sounds like heaven if you are just beginning your healthy lifestyle, and the soreness is

on another level. But believe it or not, exercise can be addictive – especially when you begin

experiencing the awesome results!

 So it is important not to overdo it as overtraining can actually cause you to gain weight

(ffs, I know).

 Your immune system is working to repair your muscles and help them grow after all the

hard work you've put in - so allow it to!

 In summary, rest days are just as important as exercise itself and will make sure you

don't exhaust yourself... just remember to not neglect your healthy nutrition on rest



It's the most typical thing to hear in regards to being healthy – but it works! "An apple a

day keeps the doctor away", has a lot of truth to it.

 Incorporating a good amount of fruits and vegetables into your diet can reduce your risk

of heart problems, Stroke, Type 2 diabetes and several types of cancer.

 These foods are rich in fiber and low in calories – leaving you full and helping you lose


 You can enjoy your fruit intake in the form of smoothies or fruit salad (add low fat

yogurt for flavor and as a healthy source of protein!)

 Vegetables don't have to be boring either... for weight loss results enjoy your veggies

with a healthy source of protein: eggs, salmon, skinless chicken breast, etc.

9. GET YOUR Zzzzzzz

Do not underestimate the value of sleep for living a healthy life.

How does sleep help weight loss and health?

 Whilst it's pretty obvious that you can't have a third slice of cake – or any cake

for that matter when you're asleep (unless you are applaud worthily talented),

sleep helps you control your impulses!

 A good amount of sleep benefits your frontal lobe, which is vital for decision

making. Want to avoid that nibble turning into a gorge? SLEEP!

 Research also shows that people who get a good amount of sleep, eat food

lower in carbohydrates.

 Sleep helps to lower stress levels, which in turn lowers belly fat.

 Sleeping increases your energy levels – giving you the right fuel to workout!


Want your exercise routine and healthy nutrition to last long and not be dreaded?


Forget the days of uncomfortable group gym classes... No-one says staying fit can't be


Teyana Taylor has said "I really think that people underestimate [dance] as a workout.

And it's done my body good," (And we all saw that 'Fade' video so sign us up for dance

classes. #goals). Do zumba, cycling, swimming! Just get moving!


BE GOOD TO YOURSELF! Living a healthy and fit lifestyle means getting all that good

stuff in you... but being kind enough to treat yourself without feeling guilty! Do not

workout as a way to make up for what you ate yesterday... you have a beautiful amazing

body and fitness and health is your way of catering and rewarding you.

So order the pizza once in a while and eat the cake. Remember there are ups and downs in your journey of fitness, and apply the old classic: EVERYTHING IN MODERATION, INCLUDING MODERATION.

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