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    Top 10 Reasons to Avoid St Tropez in 2015

    St Tropez in 2015 is to be avoided at all costs. Here are 10 reasons why you should not visit Saint Tropez this year. Seriously, stay away!

    1. St Tropez is nothing more than an old fisherman’s village

    2. There are a lot of old, run down buildings

    3. And their modern replacements aren’t much better either

    4. Traffic jams in St Tropez are just the worst

    5. The tourists on the beach are an absolute eyesore

    6. And when it’s not people blocking your sea view, it’s boats

    7. St Tropez doesn’t even have a shopping mall

    8. And the less said about the restaurants the better

    9. St Tropez gets crowded and noisy in the evenings

    10. The countryside is just ghastly

    11. Seriously, stay away from St Tropez in 2015!