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When You Accidentally Send A Nude Snap To The Wrong Person...

Has it ever happened to you?

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When you Snapchat a sexy nude to your boo... / Via

Click, click, click!

But you quickly realize you've sent it to the wrong person...

Giphy / Via

"Oh no! This can't be happening!"

You start to panic and think of ways to undo it... / Via

"Maybe this button, or that button.!?!?!"

But after multiple attempts you realize nothing can be done... / Via

"F*** this, I give up.. :'( "

You accept that life is over...

and wither in your own self-misery... / Via

"Bwahhhh :'''''''''( "

Until you realize it may not be as bad as you think... / Via

"Things could be worse"

After all, you did look hot as f*** / Via

"Atleast, it was a good shot"

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