One Direction And Backstreet Boys

Besides the fact that one’s British and one’s American, these boy bands have some common traits.

Growing up, Backstreet boys was THE boy band to listen to (alongside N*Sync of course-can never forget them). They stole the hearts of millions of girls with their songs, their looks, and their godly selves. Today, it is One Direction who has swept millions of girls off their feet and is beloved worldwide. I can’t help but notice some similarities between these two phenomenal boy bands.

2. The Heartthrobs. They are the babies of the group and capture the hearts of all!

Those long, lovely locks. That charming smile. Adorable!

3. The Mature Ones. Brian and Liam both seem to be the most adult like among the band and bring this attractive, manly vibe.

Like Brian, Liam would make a hot dad.

4. The Bad Boys. AJ and Zayn have a tough guy look that’s just hard to resist.

Tattoos and attitude.

5. Fun Loving. Howie and Niall both portray an attractive carefree and playful attitude. Adorable.

Goofy, lovable guys

6. The Wild Cards. Kevin and Louis aren’t necessarily both wild, it’s that they both bring intrigue and uniqueness to the group. They are also the oldest!

These interesting guys are their own individuals and it’s sexy.

7. Lastly, not only are the guys of BSB and 1D talented performers with divine voices, they are also close friends among themselves.

You can just tell that BSB loves what they do and enjoys making music with each other, which is probably why they are still around. 1D shows the same passion and friendship and I bet they will be around for a long time as well.

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