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    16 Heartwarming Pet Adoption Stories From TikTok

    Let the emotions flow!

    Hi, I'm Lizzy, and I spent several years fostering kittens before finding my forever fluffers, Angelica and Otis.

    I can’t have any more pets at my apartment, so these days I get my pet rescue fix by watching TikToks and gently weeping.

    1. Let's begin with this sweet angel pup getting tucked into a loving home.

    The eyebrows!

    2. Unwanted Odin finds acceptance from a lonely dad battling dementia.

    This is almost too pure.

    3. A faithful friend passes the torch to the next generation.

    Pull yourself together, Lizzy.

    4. OK, quick dance break with Audrey before we lose it entirely.

    5. On to Phil, who says, "Yes, you definitely ARE taking me home!"

    BRB, off to find a cat paw to hold.

    6. Shivering little Peanut is rescued from under a car.

    I mean — who can resist a canned sausage?

    7. And now a glow-up for the ages.

    8. Low Ryder has little legs but a big heart.

    Literally too perfect for a couple who couldn't decide between a German shepherd and a corgi.

    9. This gorgeous little mama is someone's baby now.


    She got a clean bill of health from the vet. Her babies will be here any day now. #spayandneuter #vaccinateyourpet #catsoftiktok

    ♬ when she loved me cover by katelyn lapid - katelynlapid

    Maybe I need just one more kitten...

    10. This beautiful soul doesn't let scoliosis get her down.

    Belle by name, Belle by nature.

    11. I interrupt this broadcast to share a tail wag overload.

    12. Patience is rewarded by lots of love from this nervous pup.

    My heart is full.

    13. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


    First introduction to Walter two weeks ago to present day #catsoftiktok #fyp #bff

    ♬ Why Won't You Believe - Griffin House

    Ok, definitely need just one more kitten.

    14. Puppy dog eyes and kitty headbutt cuddles are an excellent combo.

    15. Who could have predicted the luxurious floof that would arise from this raggedy feline?!

    That's a round girl.

    16. This faithful companion just had to be brought home.

    And let's hope they all take the news about their adoptions as well as Coop.