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7 Fun Ideas For Father's Day

7 unique + fun ideas to give your dad this Father's Day

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7 unique + fun ideas to give your dad this Father's Day

Father's Day is quickly approaching us. Why don't we think outside of the box and give Dad something he really wants. Although I am sure gifts are appreciated, why not give something you two will always remember?

1. Go on a Hike

Liz Carpenter / Via Instagram: @lizzycarpenter

Take your dad on a trip to a mountain. Go on a short hike or a camping trip. Being in the middle of nowhere for a few hours or a few days brings people together. Relearn childhood games, play cards, sing songs, and the list goes on. 

2. Fly Fishing

Liz Carpenter / Via Instagram: @lizzycarpenter

Whether you both know how to fish or not, I can guarantee your dad will appreciate a day out on the water trying to reel in some fish. A true bonding experience and excitement when you finally catch that fish you've been waiting for. 

3. Sailing

Get out on the open water, learn from a professional, and feel the wind between the sails. If you've never been sailing then it could get a little frustrating, but a learning experience you two will have together. 

4. Cooking Class

Treat your dad to a cooking class, one that neither of you are familiar with. Learn new cooking skills and try new flavors. Another learning experience or just a fun few hours to cook and hang with your dad. 

5. Road Trip

Liz Carpenter / Via Instagram: @coasterportfolio

Plan a fun-filled road trip or an overnight adventure for you and dad. Somewhere you've never been or a place that he's always wanted to go. Taking dad on a trip he will remember and guarantee some bonding time. It can be somewhere meaningful for the two of you, an adventurous outing, or a place to relax and unwind with a drink.

7. Golf or Tennis Outing

Liz Carpenter / Via Instagram: @coasterportfolio

Spend a few hours with dad hitting some balls at the tennis court. If your dad likes golf then he would be very pleased to spend the day at one of his favorite golf courses. Both sports are great for quality time with the best guy in your life. 

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