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Four Things Children In Middle Childhood Experience

Listicle of four images that relate to themes that children from ages 6-12 experience in their development

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1. Physical Growth

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Children in middle childhood continue to still experience growth as they get older. Growth is slower, steady, and gradual. An example of something that happens is the formation of adult teeth after losing baby teeth. Many children starting losing teeth at age 6 or 7.

2. Sibling Conflicts

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In middle childhood, a big trend is that sibling conflict peaks during this time. Siblings closer in age and from the opposite gender tend to engage in more conflict and issues.

3. Peer Relationships

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Children in middle childhood experience sex-segregation in the peers they create friendships with. Boys usually only play with other boys. For boy peer relationships, they usually interact in larger groups of friends of about four or more. Additionally, boys tend to participate in more activities that are outside and stem from exploring or roaming around. As well as being outdoors more often, boy are more likely to accept new peers into their in-group of friends.

4. Diverse Families

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As diverse families become more common, research around gay parenting among children in middle childhood have been conducted. There are no differences in the quality of relationships that same-gendered parents create with their children as opposed to opposite-gendered parents. They may even have better behavior adjustment skills with other issues, social adjustment in society and peer relationships, and overall well-being.

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