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    A Victoria's Secret Push-Up Bra Mysteriously Ruined My Shirt

    The bizarre case of the leaky bra.

    Chances are you've heard of the Victoria's Secret push-up bra.

    Well, I was wearing my VS push-up bra out for drinks one night when someone noticed a small stain on my shirt.

    I ignored it for a minute, but by the end of the night…the spot KEPT GROWING. Eventually, my shirt was covered in a mystery stain.

    I was wearing a jacket, so I knew I couldn't have spilled anything on it. So, naturally, I started to freak out and assume I MIGHT BE LACTATING.*

    I got home, took off my shirt, and noticed that only the left side of the bra was soaked in this weird oil. Once I realized it wasn't coming from me, I cut open the bra...


    Granted, it was an older Victoria's Secret bra, but IT LITERALLY POURED OUT LIQUID.

    Like any good detective, I did some googling and realized other people have had similar experiences.

    In 2008, there was even a class-action lawsuit filed related to the oil, after some customers claimed that their bras were "contaminated with formaldehyde" and that they'd experienced rashes and scarring from their bras.

    The company denies that formaldehyde is used in its products.

    I tried many remedies to remove it, but the oil-like liquid never came out of my shirt. After a little more research, I learned it's normal for push-up bras to have these little liquid packs inside them. *Usually* they don't cause any problems, but when the bras are older and overworn it can cause them to leak.