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Humans Learn To Catch Food In Their Mouth All In The Name Of Fritz The Dog

Mouths are freaking worthless.

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Fritz's failure to catch food in his mouth has caught on. Now these people are trying to catch food in their mouths. They try their mouth at catching anything from a cookie to a burrito... see if they are just as bad as Fritz:

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First, we had a human try to catch a cookie...

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Next we went for a frisbee...



Not even a pizza could be successfully caught!

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Or a taco...

And while her donut catch was a failure, Her face was EVERYTHING.

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Does this burrito catch count as a WIN?


Gonna go with YES.

But this salad FAILED her.

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This pie tho...


Nice landing!

But, just like Fritz... SIZE DOES NOT MATTER! Look at that french fry go right in there...

🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌


All in the name of Fritz!