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We Got A Bunch Of People Drunk And Then Had Them Try Drunk Food From Around The World

"I feel weird that the internet is watching us eat fucking wasted right now."

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We got our co-workers drunk so they could taste-test some traditional drunk food from around the world, and it was a goddamn mess!

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First up, time to get drunk:

The participants were sufficiently wasted, and they divulged what they like to enjoy when drunk in America. It wasn't pretty.

Easy Mac + Honey Nut Cheerios + Sriracha?!

But it was time to try foreign fare. They first took a trip to the Philippines for barbecued chicken intestines and fried quail eggs. Yum?

Before they found out what the food was, they were into it. But after? Not so much.

Next stop: Brazil.

They LOVED it.

Then they were on their way to Russia.

Let's just say it wasn't their fav.

Lastly, they were given a döner kebab.

At this point they were just having so much fun, it was hard to keep them focused on the food.

Zack thought it was too fancy, though.

But Ryan thought it was the most accessible to a drunk person.

After the whole experience, there was only one takeaway: These fools were drunk AF.