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Boyfriends Tried To Do Their Girlfriends' Makeup And Failed Miserably

"I will say though, when you don't have makeup on you're just as beautiful."

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These girls somehow agreed to let their boyfriends put on their makeup, and it didn't turn out so hot:

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"How long does it normally take your girlfriend to do her makeup?"

Even though these guys know how long it takes their girlfriends to do their makeup, they still thought it couldn't possibly be THAT hard.

These were the looks they were hoping to recreate:


"There's no way you use all of this."

They were seriously trying hard!

Well, except for this guy.

But then came the dreaded eye makeup.

"Oh fuck."

For some reason the dudes were still feeling super confident.

The girls were getting scared now.

"No no no no."

But it was time to see their finished looks:

Needless to say, they weren't too pleased with their final ~looks~.

The guys suddenly understood the struggle.

But they were still pretty proud of their time management.