23 Things Tomboys Know To Be True

Does that skirt come in pant form?

1. Your hair is rarely ever out of a ponytail.

Active Accessories / Via instagram.com

And you always have extra hair ties.

2. No matter your age, all you want to do is go play outside.

Jessica Creamer / Via facebook.com

And you always have a frisbee / soccer ball / football ready for an impromptu game.

3. As a kid, your parents made you dress up for nice occasions, but it never slowed you down.

Stewart Black / Via Flickr: s2ublack

4. You dreamed of playing ball in The Sandlot.

5. And the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were your heroes.

6. You were super excited to get your brother’s hand-me-downs.

7. And these girls have always confused you.

8. Because the idea of browsing around the mall for hours is horrifying.

9. So everyone’s surprised that you can clean up nice when you have to.

But only if you have to.

10. Because you have basically no idea how to put on eye makeup.

11. And bras… they’re just the worst.

12. But you CAN walk in heels… Just not well, or for long distances.

13. Occasionally you buy something “nice,” then forget you’re wearing it and stain it immediately.

14. All your favorite TV shows were created by Joss Whedon.

15. Merida and Mulan are your favorite Disney princesses… duh.

It sure as hell ain’t Sleeping Beauty.

16. And you know the best spot to chill is up in a tree.

17. Who eats salad for dinner? Not you!

18. The idea of “sexy” Halloween costumes makes no sense to you.

Girl, you can’t fight the Rebel Alliance in those shoes!

19. You were heartbroken to learn only boys could be in Boy Scouts, and wish the Pawnee Goddesses were a real club.

20. You were the only girl in your skate crew.

And you knew all those guys had your back.

21. People constantly ask you about your sexual orientation.

As if your desire to wear jeans gives them the right to ask such a thing.

22. Sometimes you get secretly jealous of your girly friends, and how much easier it is for them to fit in.

23. But in the end, you’d still rather be outside kicking ass and getting dirty.

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