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The Stages Of Being The Pale Friend Who Got Sunburnt

Yeah yeah, it's summer time. When everyone takes off their clothes and turns tawny brown. But spare a thought for the people who if they step into the sunshine, will burst into flame!

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It's Summer! Rejoice!

Look at tan, so awesome, so effortlessly cool

But look, who's that, hiding in that beach cave?

It's just me...your pale friend. Move along.

Come on out of there! Just for a few minutes, you'll be fiiiiine! But your like....

Your lured out of your shady area...

What is this hell??

10 minutes later....


Time to go back inside....RIGHT NOW!

Before you burst into actual flames.

You are super annoyed with everyone

They basically forced you into the sun.

It really really hurts.


And then, you start to peel.

But then you start to peel your skin. You know you shouldn't but your like...

In the end, your left with a reddish glow.

Please help me with some Aloe Vera. You awful friends owe me this.

You try and disguise yourself with some light fake tan.

This will definitely work.

Your friends realise you will never have fun in the sun. You comfort them.

You close the door in their suntanned faces and go back to Netflix.

Summer rules.

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