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The 11 Stages Of Going Out With Your Friends; Friends.

No, you're so pretty!

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1) The impending feeling of doom.


You've been excited about this for a little while and then it suddenly hits you that you're on your way and there's no way of turning back now. Your friend loves them and they love you; but what if your friends; friends don't love you?

3) The no one wants to be a bossy boots stage.


You've been in this pub for a while now and everyone's feeling a bit ants in their pantsy but nobody wants to actually speak up and step on anyone's toes by suggesting where next, so you all just sit there trying to look super chill about the whole thing.

4) The "we're all like totally friends now" stage.


The friend that has got you all together has eventually spoken up and chosen a place for all of you indecisive morons and you're quite a few drinks in and you've totally bonded with at least one/all of them and you're chatting away like you've been friends forever.

5) The "you're so pretty, no you're so pretty" stage.


You've just got into the club and made a beeline for the toilets for all of you to stand around the mirror doing a quick makeup check - because, girls. You look around you and realise how god damn beautiful the girls you are with are, so obviously you all have to spend the ten minutes telling each other just this.

7) The being way too honest about yourself stage.


Regardless of whether you smoke or not you are probably all sitting around in the smoking area for the next half an hour telling your newfound best friends far too much information about yourself.

They are the only people that truly understand you now.

9) The "hot or not?" stage.


Someone's going to be kissing someone at this point, but before doing so you've got to ask the only people you trust in the world now whether he's as hot as you think he is, or if the numerous jagerbombs you've consumed throughout the night are clouding your judgement.

10) The making plans stage.


It's time to say goodbye to everyone, and this is quite possibly the most heart wrenching thing you've ever had to do in your entire life. So you spend a good while planning out next weekend, next month and the rest of your lives together.

11) HELL!

When you wake up the next day cold, alone and in desperate need of water and attention... but atleast you have the sweet memories of your night with your new found soul sisters to get you through the day.

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