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How Much Do Thetas Love ThetaFest?

On November 11, 2016, Kappa Alpha Theta at Texas A&M will be holding their event ThetaFest, a $5 fajita dinner held at the Theta house that includes entertainment, music, and a silent auction. Thetas love ThetaFest..

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More than Ross loves Rachel

More than Kanye loves Kanye

More than a college kid loves naps

More than Pawnee loves Lil' Sebastian

More than Everybody loves Raymond

More than Fat Amy loves cheesecake

More than Chris Harrison loves being the host of The Bachelor

More than Ted loves Robin

More than Dory loves shells

More than Aggies love their football

More than Sheldon loves his spot

More than Ron Swanson loves meat

More than 90's kids love talking about being born in the 90's

ALMOST as much as we love Miss Rev

But most of all, we'd love YOU to be there too!

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