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10 Reasons You Should Attend "Dancing With The Rise Stars"

"Dancing With The Rise Stars" is The Rise School's very own version of the television show will be held June 16, 2017 at the beautiful Crystal Ballroom at The Rice Hotel. This night will be filled with fun (and lots of dancing) that is sure to dazzle you! Check out our 12 reason why you should be at Dancing With The Rise Stars!

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1. You might find your next go-to dance move!

Is anyone else tired of the chicken dance? Watching our stars dance is sure to inspire new moves!

2. Dancers, including Cara Crafton, George Farish, Doris Buckley, Molly Hart, and John Alston, will be vying for the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.

3. Our dancers, just like all great stars, are from Houston!

Beyoncé is from Houston. I rest my case.

4. You can show off your own stellar dance moves!

There will be time for you to dance as well!

5. There are dance demonstrations!

While we can't all be professional dancers, at least we can watch them. Special guest National Champion dancer Ben Seifert will be at the event!

6. There will be food!

We get it...dancing isn't everyone's favorite thing. But you can't tell us you don't love food.

7. You can vote for your favorite dancer!

We want you to be part of the action! Think you know who deserves the "Fan Favorite" award? Click here to vote:

8. You'll leave wanting to dance!

Okay. Maybe you won't be spinning out the door. But hey, swaying back and forth still counts right?

9. You'll be supporting The Rise School of Houston!

The Rise School is successful because we have people (like you) who care! To purchase tickets to our event or to donate to The Rise School, click here.

10. Do we really need another reason?

Dancing With The Rise Stars is going to be such a fantastic night! Join us at the Crystal Ballroom of the Rice Hotel on June 16, 2017 for tons of fun!

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