Problems With Being The Family Photographer

My family and I recently went to Europe. I realized that without me they would have virtually zero photographs, and even if they did have their own camera I’m not sure how much I trust them with it. I hope I’m not the only one who suffers from this.

1. You capture a coy smile

2. They capture “it’s hot as balls”

3. You capture a quiet moment

4. They capture absolutely nothing

5. You capture them from behind

6. …and unfortunately they capture YOU from behind

7. You get fun jumping photos on the first shot

8. …they don’t

11. You capture them appreciating their surroundings

14. They capture the miserable tourist

15. You have photographic proof that you were somewhere cool

16. …and undoubtedly took your own to document the same idea

17. You capture them as Gods

18. They capture you like the peasant that you are

19. Oh you take a cute close-up?

20. …so do they

21. You get really pissed when they won’t pose for ONE photo with you actually in it

22. and then you give up realizing you’re the only one that matters in the photo anyway

23. So cheers to all my fellow [intentionally] awkward selfie takers!

25. I can’t be

26. the only

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