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The Scary Inner Thoughts Of Crafty Mom Bloggers

I'll make a wreath out of your teeth if you don't admire my crotched Bible covers.

LizzieAlt 4 years ago

9 Reasons Why Spending New Year's Eve Alone Rocks

Because let's face it: You're the best company you'll ever find.

LizzieAlt 4 years ago

10 Times 'Family Feud' Proved It's No Longer A Family Show

And we used to think Richard Dawson's kissing was sheer debauchery -- now the popular game show should be renamed 'How Fast Can Grandma Scream Vagina?'

LizzieAlt 4 years ago

How Big Of A Foodie Are You?

Fancy yourself the next Top Chef? Find out where you really rank among the culinary elite.

LizzieAlt 4 years ago

The Guy Who Ruins My Relationships Each Holiday Season

While I'm happy to see him arrive, I'm never more elated than when he leaves.

LizzieAlt 4 years ago

Each Time I See Bruce Jenner, I Thank God My Nana Is Dead

From Olympic gold to golden highlights, I'm just glad my beloved granny isn't here to see this.

LizzieAlt 4 years ago