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6 Awesome Social Media Apps That Have Made Networking Easier

The most popular social media sites evolved and became apps due to rapid developments in technology. Undoubtedly, they will continue to change with time. It is a given that old social networks will die and popular ones will evolve and change in order to stick around. Some brand new ones are also likely to appear as people come up with fresh ideas. Gone is the era of MySpace and now a new social media era has begun that’s dominated by Facebook and a multitude of other social media apps. While there are plenty of apps that can be found, there are some that have worked wonders in terms of networking as they have succeeded in streamlining it.

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Listed below are the 6 best social media apps that have made networking easier than ever for all parties involved:


Everyone is aware that the top social media app that’s widely used today is none other than Facebook. It is nothing less than a thriving beast in the social networking world as it has nearly 2 billion active users. This app has proven to be immensely beneficial for individuals and businesses alike as it is not just great for connecting, but also for purposes of promotion. Video advertising on Facebook has become quite successful and given Google some serious competition. It offers a variety of features that can come in handy and Facebook groups are one of the best ways to reach out to people.


There is no better platform that provides you the latest news than Twitter. Even the President of the United States uses Twitter for sharing information and communicating with people. Therefore, it is safe to say that Twitter is one of the top social media apps for networking. The platform allows you to reach out to celebrities and other important personalities and get in touch with them. It is also the place where you are instantly informed about important events and incidents.


In the business world, there is no better social media app than LinkedIn that has boosted the networking process by a huge extent. This social network is aimed at professionals where they can make connections with others for advancing their careers. You create profiles that are essentially online resumes and the app enhances your prospects a great deal, particularly when you apply to jobs, interact in group discussions and also publish articles to LinkedIn Pulse.


While social media is undeniably good for networking, it is not without its risks. You never know when your personal and private information falls into the wrong hands. Luckily, this problem can be eliminated with SecureTribe. This social media app has been developed with security in mind from the get-go and it is a safe platform for interacting and networking. With the ability to form Public and Private Tribes, you can connect with different people in different ways. Every Tribe is separate, which eliminates the chances of any information leaking. There is also a built-in chat option for better communication between Tribe members, who are included upon invitation.


One of the most popular social media apps that’s used in today’s environment is Instagram. Primarily, it is a photo-sharing platform, but it has become an excellent tool for networking due to its immense reach. It has become the ultimate tool that businesses and professionals use for sharing photos and short videos on the go and it has even become a leading advertising platform for the top brands and businesses. Thus, it has become a huge asset in terms of networking.


When it debuted in 2011, Google+ didn’t take long to become the fastest growing social network. It didn’t get a lot of users initially, but after its overhaul in 2015, Google+ became a very popular social media app as it focused more on its Collections and Communities features that differentiated it from other apps. It is also a professional network that lets you invite other professionals in your network for expanding your reach and building connections.

These six social media apps can be immensely handy when it comes to promoting and boosting a business’s networking efforts in this fast-paced and competitive environment.

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