• LizTray

      What’s sad about this list (apart from there being no Harrison Ford on it, shame on you!) is how few of these men are really Jewish, i.e. have Jewish mothers. Even worse, the ones whose careers trade on their Jewishness (Sacha Cohen, Live Schriber., Adam Sandler, Jon Stewart, Seth Rogen) are also not married to Jews. What this list makes me think of is how badly Jewish women come out of it. Are we so dreadful that so many of these men, and most of their dads, can’t bear to be with us?! (semi joke, but not really!)

    • LizTray

      This is what I don’t get - if you are THAT kosher you don’t eat out at restaurants anyway, because your food will have been made in pans that have had bacon in them, on surfaces that have had bacon on them etc. You’re eating non-kosher meat so to follow all these rules is stupid in itself. My cousin has had friends come over with their own milk because they can only have certain kinds. What you’re doing is ridiculous because you are selectively choosing which bits you want to observe. It’s too hard for you to not eat out in restaurants, so you go and then you mess around with waiters and kitchens. That’s not cool.  Like the Cobb salad thing - don’t order one! It’s not a Cobb salad if it doesn’t have bacon, turkey and cheese in it. Order another salad. Why do Americans feel that ‘i want it the way i want it’ entitlement all the time? Order an item on the menu and have done with it. You’re a dick if you change stuff, the menu and the dish have been designed a certain way. Throw that shit outside the US, with your substitutions and wanting this instead of that, and your food is getting spat in, I promise you.  As for the American Jews obsession with pig, this I don’t get. Why do American Jews love ham so very much? British Jews never touch it, except people who don’t care about any of it at all. When I was a carnivore I never gave a toss about this nonsense (I’m now an accidentally kosher vegetarian) - because god, if he or she even exists, does not give a shit about how and what you eat. Be a good person. Stop worrying about this nonsense.

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