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20 Reasons Murray Doodle Is The Most Adorable Goldendoodle On Instagram

Look at those golden curls. LOOK AT THEM!

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1. He lets his humans bathe him. / Via

"Dry me, human. Dry me!"

2. He knows where the comfiest spot on the bed is. Hint: It's in the middle of all of the comfy pillows.

"I'm never leaving this spot. Never."

4. He appreciates the value of a good cuddle. / Via

"Just 5 more minutes, dad."

5. He loves Christmas... for the presents.

"I hope there's a chew toy in that pile."

6. He can't choose whether he wants to read a book, watch a movie, or just look adorable...

7. He chose reading... and looking adorable. Obvi.

"To eat the book or not eat the book. That is the question."

8. He's a curious soul.

"Present yourself, foreign creature."

9. He doesn't mind being pawed at.

"Watch the fur, ladies and germs."

10. He likes faux luchadores.

11. He sleeps with a stuffed animal.


12. He's afraid of stairs.

"That's enough for now, human."

13. He travels in style.

"Passport? Check. Fancy carryon? Check. Liquids? None at the moment."

14. He has the cutest herpderp face on both sides of the Mississippi.

"Cheetos. I want all of the cheetos. And tennis shoes."

15. He likes making new friends.

"Don't mind me just sniffing your butt."

16. He can help style you... or just eat all of your clothes.

"I think this grey really works well with your eyes..."

17. He can't be tamed.

"One small step for me and one giant step towards those doggie treats."

18. He loves the snow... part deux.

"Is there something on my face?"

20. He's all about March Madness.

"Go FSU."

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