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This Zit-Popping Simulation Is Oddly Satisfying And Gross At The Same Time

I hope you Retin-ACE this test.

Help Weird Helga pop her zits! To start playing, tap Buggy the dog in the video below!

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Or, keep reading to learn more about how to play!

Today is a very special day for Helga and her cute adopted pug, Buggy! What’s so special about it, you ask?


Well, it’s their annual mother-son photoshoot! These two MUST. LOOK. THEIR. BEST. for the camera!


Get those fingers ready! It’s pretty simple. You have 30 seconds to pop all the whiteheads you see!


DO NOT pop the erupting cystic zits! Nobody wants a ~*pus volcano*~!


Whatever you do, DO NOT let Helga or Buggy down. This is their special day!!!


Did you pass the test on your first try or did you explode like a juicy whitehead? Share your results in the comments below, and challenge your friends to see if they can win!


Haven't played yet? Find the game here.

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