17 Recent Screenshots Of Dating App Bios That Prove We're All Living In Hell

    Men, pleeease stop lying about your age on dating apps. 🙄

    1. This guy who thinks you should feel ✨ lucky ✨ if he matched with you:

    bio reads, if you mention not looking for a hookup i didn't see it. you're lucky that i found you attractive

    2. This individual who decided to teach the ~ladies~ a lesson on how to attract the "man of their dreams":

    bio reads, ladies no man cares about your sign your political activism, aka being an annoyance, or any of that bullshit

    3. This very fed-up bio:

    bio reads, y'all are really starting to piss me off

    4. This cheater who may have been caught and exposed:

    bio reads, i enjoy cheating lying and sexism

    5. This awful gym bro who's looking for a "soulmate":

    need a gym buddy, looking for a soulmate is tough when you want to do some nasty things to her

    6. And this person who really bragged about their personal best at the gym:

    bio has all of their gym info

    7. This bio that has some verrrrry specific preferences:

    looking for a beautiful young model no redheads

    8. This TMI bio that laid everything out on the table:

    all the life info and physical info added

    9. This person who was very honest about what they're looking for — but not so honest about their age:

    bio reads 39 not 30

    10. Oh, and this person who also lied about their age on their profile:

    my age shows incorrectly in my profile, i'm 6 years older

    11. Anyone else noticing a pattern?

    don't hate me if i tell you i'm a little bit older than my profile says, i had to under your age screen

    12. This person who is definitely NOT a murderer:

    i'm certainly not murdering anyone

    Joe, is that you?

    13. This AI profile???

    i am an ai generated profile

    14. This alpha male:

    you're not going to find a good man if you keep disrespecting us

    15. This human being:

    favorite quality in a person is beauty, if you're ugly we'd have to be in private only

    16. This person who had the audacity to list all of these "red flags" in his bio:

    person with a long list of red flags including being bisexual and watching netflix all day

    17. And finally, this person who accurately — but sooo brutally — called all of this nonsense out:

    bio making fun of the red flag lists type of bios

    WHEW. I have a headache.

    person holding their forehead

    What do YOU think of these dating app bios? What's the wildest thing you've ever seen on someone's profile? Let us know in the comments below.