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    13 Bridesmaid Horror Stories That Are So Wild, I Can't Believe They're Real

    "If you're a bride, don't ask someone to be in your wedding if you want them to change everything about themselves to fit your 'vision.'"

    A while ago, we wrote a post about the worst things that happened to people as bridesmaids. Many of our readers from the BuzzFeed Community shared even more bridesmaid horror stories in the comments — and it gets messy.


    Here are the wild results:

    1. This two-faced sister-in-law:

    A bride texting on her phone
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    "I was asked to be a bridesmaid in my sister-in-law's wedding. Mind you, I was asked only as a backup. Someone else couldn't do it; I was asked months after everyone else. A week before the wedding, my SIL is texting my husband that he 'can do better' and that he's too good for me. I was also 7 months preggo at the time. I refused to be a bridesmaid — and she was mad at me."


    2. This pregnancy "problem":

    "My husband and I were asked to be a groomsman and a bridesmaid in a wedding. After agreeing and going to my dress fitting, I found out I was pregnant with our first baby. The dress could have easily accommodated my belly, but I was removed from the wedding party because it wasn’t appropriate to have a pregnant person in the wedding party (even though I was married). The kicker is that I got removed, but my husband remained in the wedding."


    3. This dress shopping dilemma:

    Wedding dresses hanging up in a store
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    "I was supposed to be a bridesmaid for a college friend. When she asked me, it was a year and a half to two years in advance (long engagement). Well, she wanted to go dress shopping shortly after asking me, and she told all of us that it was just window-shopping. I was in the middle of moving six hours away and didn’t have a license, so my mom would have had to drive me. I told her I couldn’t go at that time, but I’d be getting my license within the month, so I’d come see her then. She told me I wasn’t committed to her or her wedding and I had to go. I happily did not attend that wedding."


    4. This simply toxic friendship:

    "I was recently kicked out of a wedding for having a 'bitch face' during the bachelorette party. My nephew is sick with cancer, my grandfather was dying, and I’ve been working as a nurse through the COVID epidemic. Forgive me if I have trouble having a good time playing dumb games. The bride kicked me out of the wedding party right after and then tried to tell me I could still come to the wedding. Like, girl, no, goodbye. Our friendship is done. If she can’t have any compassion for things I’m going through, I can’t be friends. Talk about toxicity."


    5. This wig request:

    A mannequin with a wig
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    "I was a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding. His then-fiancé knew when they asked me that I had mermaid hair, wasn’t planning on changing it, and had been planning for months to get a side shave for an event — they said I could keep my hair the way I wanted. Fast-forward to a few months before the wedding, and suddenly my hair is a huge issue and I need to color it or get a wig. I decided to go blonde, but the person who did it massively messed up, and my hair started to melt from the bleach, so I ended up needing to cut most of my length off (nearly 10 inches). Turns out, it ended up being ~too~ blonde, and I was asked to find a lace-front wig on a budget, a week before the day, which I couldn’t do. I also found out later that the dress and shoes I bought that she had okayed, she actually hated. If you’re a bride, don’t ask someone to be in your wedding if you want them to change everything about themselves to fit your 'vision.'"


    6. This ridiculous clothing request:

    "I was a bridesmaid at my sister's got so bad that I moved out of the house and stayed at my boyfriend's just so I didn't have to see her. I was in my early twenties, and our other sister and I were told we could pick out our own dresses because we didn't have to match the MOH. I found a strapless sweetheart long dress that was flattering for me (plus-size) ... however, the only size they had was an 8, and I was a size 12 with size 14 boobs. Obviously it was a bit tight, and the chest was way too small, but in my size, it would have been fine. I was told that I couldn't wear that because I shouldn't be 'advertising' myself at her wedding — and that I couldn't wear my Spanx bodysuit under the dress and had to wear pantyhose. I also couldn't wear certain clothes to the rehearsal dinner. It was bridezilla central, for sure."


    7. This maid of honor replacement:

    Martina Birnbaum / Getty Images / EyeEm

    "My best friend got engaged when we were 20, and she asked me to be her maid of honor. I spent six months planning with her, going to bridal shops, florists, venues, tastings, the works. I requested certain days off to accommodate her. I threw her a bridal shower ... everything seemed fine. Fast-forward to three weeks before the wedding, we are supposed to go together for our final fitting at noon, and I text her at 10 a.m. saying I’m excited — nothing. Text again at 11 and 11:30. I’m starting to worry and I keep calling her. She finally answers and says it’s hard, but she doesn’t want me to be her maid of honor or even a bridesmaid because I haven’t helped her enough. I’m shocked and angry and just tell her to have a good wedding and hang up. I got the deposit back on my dress and obviously didn’t go to the wedding. 

    "About nine months later, she called me multiple times, and I finally agreed to go meet with her. She replaced me with her hairdresser who got trashed and was flashing people at the wedding in front of everyone. She told me how, when she looked at the wedding photos, she hoped to see me in the background and couldn’t believe that I didn’t at least come. I was literally speechless and left. I haven’t talked to her since."

    Dracula Pants

    8. This wedding that was stressful from start to finish:

    "I was a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding, and while I love her dearly, that wedding was so stressful. She got married in my mother’s dress but had alterations done to it to make it more modern and add a little bit of color, and my mom was still working on it in the hotel room at like 2 a.m. the day of the wedding. One of the ceiling tiles in our hotel room fell on our other sister's foot, and she started bleeding. ... We were trying to surprise her with the bachelorette party, and she was being stubborn until we literally had to tell her what we planned. I love my sister, but she’s so high-maintenance, and that’s not even everything that happened. The ceremony itself was beautiful and I cried, but I’ve never been that stressed in my life."


    9. This demanding — and stealing — bride:

    Danm / Getty Images

    "My childhood best friend got engaged at the same time my husband's father was dying from terminal cancer, but still insisted that she wanted me to be her MOH. Four months before the day, she and her fiancé had a huge falling out when he admitted he didn't want more children. Ultimately, she called off the wedding because this was a deal breaker for her. She refused to tell anyone it was postponed/canceled, so I shouldn't have been surprised when, six weeks before what would have been the big day, she decided she WAS getting married.

    "Nothing was ready, and I nannied her son full time while having two kids of my own. My father-in-law's health was deteriorating rapidly, and he was having regular seizures, but I still managed to attend all the required parties and find an off-the-rack dress. She ended up bad-mouthing me and stealing my jewelry and makeup after the ceremony. We no longer speak."


    10. This drunken bridesmaid brawl:

    "I was 14 when I was asked to step in as a bridesmaid for my brother's wedding day. The bridesmaid was pretty much comatose from drinking the night before. I was the only one who could fit into her bridesmaid dress, even though I was 4 inches taller.

    "We were getting ready in my sister-in-law's room when the bridesmaid came in, clearly still drunk. As soon as she clocked me in her dress, she demanded to know WTF I was doing in her dress. My SIL's mother immediately scolded her for 'ruining [her] daughter's big day' with her thoughtlessness. The bridesmaid defensively pointed out that she 'literally' woke up for the wedding. She said, 'I didn't have to get up, but I did. Didn't I?'

    "That left the mother speechless for a bit. Then, BOOM! Cue an angry row between them, which ended up involving almost everyone in the room. The bride, the maid of honor, the other four bridesmaids, and the hairstylist. During that entire time, the bride's makeup artist and I were in a corner, pretending we didn't exist."


    11. This left-out bridesmaid:

    Jacoblund / Getty Images / iStockphoto

    "I was asked to be MOH for one of my high school friends, and although I was poor and in college, I still went all out for her events. I offered to buy her a bottle of champagne at the club for her bachelorette party, and she was so appreciative. I didn’t mind, until I got the bill — she had picked two bottles of the most expensive champagne they had, and I was on the hook for an extra $600. What really hurt about her wedding, though, was that I contacted everyone with a 'day of' itinerary and reminders for the big day about two weeks in advance of the date, and copied her on the email. She emailed me back, saying, 'I don’t know why you sent this out. The bridesmaids have had an email chain about this for a month.' Turns out, all the bridesmaids were making plans without including me. Needless to say, we’re no longer friends."


    12. This "spiteful" haircut:

    "I was a bridesmaid in 2012 — just about a month after I finished college — which meant that the bride started planning her wedding while I was in college. She knew that I went away for college and that I wasn't at home, since the planning was happening during my final year. And yet she got angry at me every time I couldn't make a dress fitting or a shower because I was away in my college town and couldn't just come all the way home on a random Tuesday for an hour or two.

    "Let's not forget that I got my hair cut a couple of months before the wedding because I felt uncomfortable with long hair and wanted short hair. She got very mad at me for cutting my hair because she wanted me to have an updo for the wedding, but she never told me this beforehand. I shouldn't expect that I need to ask her permission to get my hair cut. She made it seem like I cut my hair just to spite her."

    Padawan Ryan

    13. And this pyramid scheme drama:

    "I was in the wedding of the dueling pyramid schemes. The bride was selling for a makeup MLM (multilevel marketing scheme) and insisted all the bridesmaids buy their wedding day makeup from her, 'so we can all match.' I spent an extra $90 on bad makeup I haven’t worn since.

    "About a month before the wedding, the maid of honor was hosting the bridal shower and was all excited when she handed out party favors to the bridal party. It was makeup and drink mixes from a different MLM! The bride was livid. They ended up having a screaming match. Apparently the maid of honor had refused to join the bride’s downline, and the bride was mad because her friend 'didn’t support [her] business.' The maid of honor had recently converted to Islam and said she couldn’t buy the bride’s makeup because it wasn’t halal. The bride said that didn't matter and she should have bought some anyway because that’s what friends do.

    "They had been friends since kindergarten, and to my knowledge, they haven’t spoken since."



    Do you have a bridesmaid horror story? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.