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    People Are Sharing Celebs "Nobody Hates," And Some Even Revealed What They're Actually Like In Real Life

    OK, but Julie Andrews is a literal queen for standing up to that rude cast member.

    The other day, Redditor u/AccomplishedDrag7526 asked, "Who is one celebrity nobody hates?" and people shared tons of celebs basically everyone loves — and some even revealed their real-life encounters with them. Here are some of the most fascinating responses:

    1. Steve Burns

    2. Fred Rogers (aka, Mister Rogers)

    3. Julie Andrews

    4. Steve Buscemi

    5. Betty White

    6. Dolly Parton

    7. Brendan Fraser

    8. Dick Van Dyke

    9. Christina Applegate

    10. David Tennant

    11. Weird Al Yankovic

    12. LeVar Burton

    13. John Candy

    14. Paul Rudd

    15. Rick Moranis

    And finally...

    16. Henry Winkler