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What Are Some Everyday Experiences That Rich People Miss Out On?

Can growing up without money have its upsides?

The life of the wealthy comes with privilege, and from an outsider's perspective, growing up rich often seems glamorous. But if you've had a drastically different upbringing, there may be lessons, memories, and experiences that have shaped who you are today.


So, if you didn't grow up with money, I wanna know: What do you think rich people miss out on?

Hands counting coins from a broken piggy bank.
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Maybe you had to work jobs that weren't your favorite just to make ends meet, but you learned a lot about yourself in the process, and they led you to your dream job today.

A server standing in the doorway of a restaurant and writing on their notepad.
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Or maybe you know the joy of saving up for purchases you're very proud of — like that new computer you really needed or your first car.

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Perhaps you had to be creative with your money, and you learned how to have a good time with what you have — or without breaking the bank.

A couple preparing to move with boxes eating pizza and laughing while unpacking
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Or perhaps you feel like you're able to be more empathetic with others who are struggling, because you know exactly what it feels like.

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Whatever everyday experiences or helpful perspectives you have from not growing up/being wealthy, we want to hear about it! In the comments below, share what you think rich people miss out on and WHY for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!