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    16 Ancient Relics From The 2000s That No One Born After 1997 Will Recognize

    Take me back!!!

    1. When hiding things in password diaries was all the rage.

    A brightly-colored password journal and inside: folded notes and a Cocoa Puffs cereal-scented lip balm
    ewitzautumn / Via

    We needed somewhere to put all our secrets:

    2. When catching your favorite songs on TRL was an after-school ritual.

    A TikToker enters the room as a song comes on and they immediately start dancing
    vonte_swang / Via

    If "Bye Bye Bye" came on, you knew what to do:

    3. When getting dressed for school meant layering as many shirts as possible.

    acooz31 / Via

    Aéropostale graphic tees and Bermuda shorts were everything <3.


    At least I have a little extra time in the mornings now #fyp for youpage #millennial #early2000s #MyBFF

    ♬ original sound - Angie Cocuzza

    4. When some sort of finding-the-right-outfit montage happened in every movie.

    In one frame, a TikToker wears a metallic dress, feather boa, and tinted sunglasses and in the next frame: a shocked but approving reaction
    jackietodd / Via

    The PERFECT outfit was in there somewhere:

    OKAY Lizzie McGuire!!!

    jackietodd / Via, Disney Channel

    5. And when sentimental goodbyes at the end of every movie were also a thing.

    The TikToker pretends to be two different actors smiling at each other after a goodbye
    jackietodd / Via

    Those final glances really wrapped things up for me:

    6. When recording a voicemail greeting turned us into radio DJs.

    ichvse / Via

    Voicemails were a ~vibe~:

    7. When staying up watching Nick at Nite meant being woken up by the George Lopez theme song at some point.

    nima_mir / Via

    It's still stuck in my head:

    8. When VideoNow was the most sophisticated form of entertainment — especially for long car rides.

    moviepass / Via

    Best feeling ever:

    9. When the Alloy fashion catalog was the most invigorating shopping experience.

    shinypretties / Via

    The ~excitement~ of flipping through one of these things:

    10. When there were magically ever-changing fashion trends.

    Captioned with &quot;Me going to school in the early 2000s,&quot; 2001 features a t-shirt, jeans, and butterfly hair clips, 2002 features a velour tracksuit, and 2003 features a sheer tank top, camouflage pants, and chunky skater sneakers
    tay_richard / Via

    Pick a favorite:


    anybody born in the 80/90s wear any of these trends?🤔 #slowmo #slowmopov #2000s #2000sthrowback #over30club

    ♬ original sound - Taylor R

    11. When changing your Myspace background made you a coding genius.

    omfgrant / Via

    Copying and pasting? No. Computer programming:

    12. When watching Laguna Beach was a simple joy.

    ashleypierce / Via

    It's all coming back now:

    13. When playing your Nintendo DS was an all-day activity.

    Playing the Nintendo DS during the day vs at night &quot;when you&#x27;re supposed to be asleep&quot;
    omfgrant / Via

    And playing at night meant risking it all:


    Mario Kart DS is the best one of the series don’t @ me. #nintendo #2000s #mariokart #beautytip #alttiktok

    ♬ original sound - OMFGrant

    Because everything was louder at night.

    14. When naming your WebKinz was a creative journey.

    A dog named &quot;Webkie&quot; and another dog named &quot;Beaty&quot;
    catmom168 / Via

    10/10 for Chorlote:

    15. When your bedroom happened to contain AT LEAST one of these things.

    A Hello Kitty-themed Nokia phone, a Hasbro iCat, and a Tamagotchi
    crazyfacedcat / Via

    Basically everything had a face on it in the 2000s:

    16. And when Miley's Best of Both Worlds tour was the biggest event of your life.

    nostalgictothemax / Via