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    17 Cat Posts That Are So Cute, They Might Just Make Your Entire Week

    "Wow. My eyes have been blessed." —You at the end of this post.

    1. This week, this lil' bibliophile found the perfect spot to sunbathe:

    oh to be a cat sun bathing on a cart of books

    2. This cutie relaxed on a Snorlax:

    3. This mama saved the day!!!!!

    4. These cuties enjoyed quarantining in their tiny apartment!!!

    5. This lil' one CLIMBED!!!!!!!

    6. This bb did his best:

    7. These two had a VERY important meeting:

    They’re having a secret meeting

    8. This one turned into a ~purretzel~:

    9. This kitty had her first kayaking trip!!!!!

    10. This shape-shifter impressed us all:

    11. This floofy guy found the best seat in the kitchen:

    12. This sleepyhead found a new home!!!!!

    13. These angels enjoyed the outdoors:

    “the good life”🌈 #cats #catsoftwitter

    14. This helper completed his weekend chores:

    Bruce helps with the #Caturday morning change of bed linens. #CatsOfTwitter

    15. These guys had some wholesome bonding time:

    16. This bb took a nap in tiny rain boots:

    17. And lastly, this lil' gymnast didn't give up!!!!!

    Mission: Impossible? #cats #catsoftwitter 😼