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    I'm Obsessed With Tiny Homes, But These 13 Tiny Houses Really Just Blew My Mind

    *Packs up everything and moves into a tiny house.*

    I love tiny homes. And while I do not own one, I could easily spend hours watching tiny house tours on YouTube.

    While all tiny homes are amazing to me, there are always some that make me stop and say, "Oh, wow! That's unique!"

    So here are 13 unconventional tiny homes I found while scouring the internet that are just super fascinating:

    1. This cabin in Olympia, Washington, that's located in a forest and looks as if it belongs in a fairy tale:

    A wood cabin with a whimsical tall roof and a charming front porch

    2. And in Massachusetts, this whimsical cottage — known as the Gingerbread House — that's equally magical:

    A tall wooden house with a pointy roof and a very rustic exterior

    3. This Oregon home 40 feet above the ground that used to be a fire lookout:

    An incredibly tall fire lookout that's now a welcoming tiny home

    And yes, you have to climb all those stairs to get to the entrance:

    The many stairs one must climb to get to the incredibly tall fire lookout that's now a tiny home

    4. This 1920s tiny home in Seattle that's quite charming...

    The outside of a quiet, unassuming home

    ...and only about 4.5 feet wide across the back door:

    On the side, the home is extremely tiny

    5. This tiny home in Auckland, New Zealand, that has its own roof garden:

    A beautiful home in a tropical paradise with a lush garden on the roof

    Yes, a roof garden:

    Better view of the lush garden, with many plants on either side of a rooftop window

    And a really cool plant wall inside:

    One wall has a ton of hanging plants

    6. This super-modern tiny home that's actually three 20-feet shipping containers attached together:

    A very modern and sleek home made from three connected shipping containers

    Like, they really took three of these...

    A typical shipping container being held up by a crane

    ...and made this incredible home:

    The home is truly transformed; looks nothing like an ordinary shipping container

    7. This off-grid earthship home in Adelaide, Australia, that's otherworldly:

    A super-cute home that looks like an earthy shelter

    8. This 1954 converted school bus that's super cool on the outside...

    A retro bus

    ...and super cozy on the inside:

    Inside the bus, there is plenty of seating to eat and a kitchen

    9. This off-grid cave home in the Waikato region of New Zealand that honestly belongs in The Hobbit:

    A home that blends in with the scenery, looking exactly like a cave

    It has a very rustic interior...

    Inside, there's a table, fireplace, and other belongings

    ...and the cutest outdoor bathtub:

    An iron bathtub sits among decorative rocks outside

    10. This tiny houseboat on water that looks incredibly inviting at night:

    The houseboat floats on water and lights up at night

    11. This natural cob house in Montana that's made from clay, sand, and straw:

    A beautiful, natural-looking home with lots of plants

    It was literally made by hand and foot:

    Someone demonstrates the construction process by mixing clay with their feet and patting it on the side of the home with their hands

    12. This relaxing off-grid home that's surrounded by mountains in British Columbia...

    A simple and sweet raised home that is surrounded by forest and mountains

    ...and has these dome greenhouses to grow organic food:

    Two futuristic-looking dome greenhouses outside

    13. And this captivating tree house in Waiheke Island, New Zealand, that sits 45 feet above the ground:

    A captivating circular tree house with a porch that's completely surrounded by trees

    Special shoutout to Living Big in a Tiny House for so many bingeworthy tiny house tours!

    Which tiny home is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!