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The Travis Scott Meal Just Released At McDonald’s, And The Internet's Reaction Has Me Rolling

"Don't talk to me until I've had my morning Travis Scott burger."

You clicked the article, so you probably know who Travis Scott is. Rapper, record producer, on-and-off boyfriend to Kylie Jenner, father to Stormi.

Travis Scott poses outside a private jet

But if you're like me, maybe you didn't know that the "Sicko Mode" rapper is a pretty big fan of McDonald's.

Travis Scott eats fries outside a McDonald's, promoting the new Travis Scott Meal

Yesterday, McDonald's launched the new Travis Scott Meal — a $6 meal consisting of Travis's "go-to order" at the fast food restaurant: a quarter pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce, medium fries with BBQ sauce, and a Sprite.

As part of the partnership, Travis Scott also dropped a line of McDonald's-themed merch in collaboration with his record label Cactus Jack — which includes fun items like this gigantic nugget body pillow.

A body pillow that literally resembles a giant McDonald's chicken nugget

In response to Travis Scott's collab, people on Twitter had lots of hilarious things to say. So here are 17 of the funniest reactions to the new Travis Scott Meal at McDonald's.


Mcdonalds employees when kids pull up ordering the travis scott burger with sicko mode blasting


kid kept askin for the travis scott burgers so i went sicko mode on em


I ate a Travis Scott burger today so if I look more handsome from now on, that’s why


don’t talk to me until i’ve had my morning travis scott burger


Make sure you're in a safe place and have your spirit guide before eating a Travis Scott McDonalds Meal.


Imagine telling the drive thru speaker you want that Travis Scott meal and they respond with “it’s lit!” I’m driving through the restaurant


Half eaten Travis Scott meal $600 OBO PAYPAL ONLY


Dying laughing at the thought of a grown ass man pulling into McDonald’s and asking for the Travis Scott meal. 💀💀💀


if the travis scott meal don’t taste like him ion want it


Ate the Travis Scott burger & now I speak in auto tune


My Travis Scott meal after waiting months for resell price to go up


You got her a quarter pounder with cheese, I got her a Travis Scott meal. We are not the same.


The McDonalds employee when they see someone pull up blasting highest in the room, knowing they’re about to order the Travis Scott Meal. 💀💀💀


all i wanted from travis scott in 2020 was an album and all he gave us was a fortnite concert & a mcdonalds happy meal


i will say that after eating travis scott mcdonald meal , i feel very energized. although i do fear that i may go sicko mode


Ima be like “let me get the Travis Scott meal”


McDonalds workers having to make the travis scott meal for the 90th time today: