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What Are Some "Normal" Things Families Do That Are Actually Toxic?

When ~that~ family member keeps asking, "Why are you still single?" 🙄

Every family has a different dynamic, but sometimes there are common things families do that may not be OK at all.

So, I want to hear it from you: What are some "normal" family things that are actually toxic?

Extended family members prepare a meal together in the kitchen

Like, maybe you find parents who constantly post family vlogs or always share photos of their kids online to be very intrusive.

A parent films a video of the family dancing at home

Perhaps you think sayings like "family always sticks together" are just excuses for some family members to get away with manipulative or abusive behavior.

A married couple sits apart after an argument

Or maybe you think relatives who insist on knowing everything about your life — and ask personal questions like "Why are you still single?" — are crossing serious boundaries.

We want to hear your thoughts. In the comments below, tell us which "normal" family dynamics are actually toxic for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.