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    People Are Obsessed With The Moment Clare Crawley And Dale Moss Met During “The Bachelorette” Premiere

    "I'm shaking."

    🚨 Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD! 🚨

    Season 16 of The Bachelorette just premiered last night, and of the 31 contestants, it was pretty obvious that Clare Crawley had her eye on one man in particular.

    Clare Crawley waits outside for the contestants to arrive

    The moment Dale Moss stepped outside the limo to greet Clare, it was basically love at first sight.

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    Dale is a 32-year-old (31 while filming) former pro football player from South Dakota — and he left quite a first impression on Clare during the episode.

    Here's how the meeting played out:

    Dale tells Clare "I really do feel this is gonna be special" and Clare responds with "I agree" and then the two share excitement about seeing each other inside
    Clare gets emotional as she says "I definitely feel like I just met my husband"
    Clare covers her eyes saying "I'm shaking'

    And he left so much of an impression on Clare from the moment they met that he received the first impression rose later on.

    Clare smiles as she offers Dale the rose

    So far, not only does Dale seem to be Clare's favorite — he seems to be a fan favorite, too. Here are just some of the best tweets about Dale from last night's premiere.


    Clare pretending to humor all these other guys meanwhile... #TheBachelorette


    All of Bachelor Nation when we see Dale get out of the limo #TheBachelorette


    clare when dale got out of the limo #TheBachelorette


    Clare 5 minutes after meeting Dale #TheBachelorette


    Dale: My name is --- Clare: #thebachelorette


    Dale stepping out of the limo knowing full well that he’s already won this season #TheBachelorette


    Clare when Chris Harrison told her there are 24 other guys besides Dale: #TheBachelorette


    Me patiently waiting for Claire to run off with Dale and then they bring in Tayshia #TheBachelorette


    Clare: *sees Dale’s foot* Clare: #TheBachelorette


    Chris coming out of nowhere to ask Clare about Dale #TheBachelorette


    Producers calling Tayshia on speed dial as soon as Dale steps out the limo #TheBachelorette


    Clare as soon as Dale stepped out of the limo: #TheBachelorette


    dale watching all the men do their corny intros #TheBachelorette


    me seeing Clare give Dale the first impression rose #TheBachelorette


    Don’t believe in love at first sight? The way Clare just looked at Dale proves it’s real #TheBachelorette


    The Bachelorette: Who will Clare choose? Also #TheBachelorette, 15 seconds later: It's Dale, everyone


    Tonight was special. #TheBachelorette