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London Tipton From "Suite Life" Was THE Fashion Icon Of The 2000s, So Here's My Official Ranking Of Her Most Memorable Looks

London Tipton had us all in a chokehold.

If you grew up watching The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, it's no secret that London Tipton, played by Brenda Song, was one of the most memorable characters, like, of all time.

an arrow pointing to Brenda Song in the show promo photo

From "Yay me" to "PRNDL," the hotel heiress brought iconic catchphrases, sass, and plenty of heartwarming moments to the show. And most of all, London Tipton embodied fun, bold, and glam mid-to-late 2000s fashion.

So, let's take a trip down memory lane together. Here's how I'd rank some of London's most iconic looks from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody from worst to best.

22. This "milk, vanilla, sugar, chocolate shake" graphic tee.

close up of London in a T-shirt and and bold newsboy cap

Let's face it: Graphic tees had us all in a chokehold in the 2000s. Now, the yellow and pink color combo is one thing, the skinny scarf is another, but I just can't get behind the random ingredient list top!

an arrow pointing to the graphic tee

21. This glittery fedora. London clearly loves — and honestly, rocks — pink, and I'm all for that. But this hat looks like it came straight from Party City, and I know she can do better.

close up of London in a glittery fedora and pink top

20. This green and black ballgown. While iconic, this is the dress London chose to meet her one true love at a masquerade ball — and TBH, it may have worked better as a last-minute option for a Halloween costume party.

19. This "wink wink" graphic tee.

close up of the graphic tee worn with a newsboy cap again

Yes, the graphic tee strikes again, but we have a few more things going on here. The cap, the matching scarf that almost doubles as a cap, and the random pins — featuring a flamingo and car.

18. This striped lace sweater and mini skirt.

London once again pulled out an all-pink outfit, but the hot pink chunky necklace feels out of place. And overall, the sweater and skirt just feel costume-y to me!

17. This sequin drop-waist dress and fishnet tights. It's an unlikely duo — like some sort of edgy flapper look.

London posing with her arms stretched out with Maddie

16. This fabulous faux fur look.

close up of London in a faux fur coat and '70s tinted glasses

The green and brown combo was an interesting choice. I am, however, very into the colored lens sunglasses!

15. This sequin top — and the pouf.

London also wears chunky beaded necklaces

It's very glam, very London, which we love! But the pouf is definitely giving me flashbacks to the Bump It era.

London in her fancy outfit looking confused next to Maddie who is wearing a T-shirt

14. This tracksuit. It's sporty, and we also have the sequin tiny purse and white heeled boots. Nowadays, we have athleisure and streetwear, but back in the day, we had sport glam.

13. This layered cami and pom-pom scarf.

With the pom-poms, jeweled headband, and wide-leg pants, there's a lot going on, but we loved layers in the 2000s — and we loved camis. So, this is very fun and nostalgic!

12. This layered top with tooooons of sparkle.

It's a blouse with a built-in halter top. And maybe even a built-in necklace??? Anyway, if you went to middle school in the '00s, remember that store Justice that was super popular? This top is Justice. Justice is this top.

11. This striped scarf. It's a funky and fun hair accessory...and I'm into it!

10. The fur hat says winter. The halter top says summer. Either way, it made a statement, and this outfit has been in my mind since childhood.

9. This pom-pom poncho.

London kept it simple and monochrome in this outfit with the turtleneck, pants, and purse. Then, there's the poncho. Ponchos also had us hooked at some point in the 2000s. So, I get it.

8. This cropped fur jacket and jumpsuit (???).

London also wears a tiny sparkly chain belt

It's cute, and London was clearly ready for the spotlight!

7. This black dress London wore during Maddie's prom at the Tipton.

OK, OK, hear me out. Take away the metallic accessories and the scarf, and you have a lovely black dress!

the scarf is wide and has many different colors

6. This feathery look.

London is giving us creativity and texture. A mesh top and a feather collar. And, of course, she pulls it off.

5. This sequin tube top and yet another pom-pom scarf.

Is it Y2K fashion if there's not a tube top? I'm not sure if the pom-poms are growing on me, but in this case, maybe they are. I don't know, but I like it.

4. This cropped denim jacket and glittery dress.

London also wears a long beaded necklace

Yes, we loved giant earrings and giant necklaces in the 2000s, and honestly, the dress and jacket are a cute look!

3. This black and yellow outfit.

I remember seeing this outfit on TV, and thinking, "I would wear that!" The jacket was trendy, the sweater dress was stylish. It's matchy-matchy, but again, London loves to color-coordinate.

2. The PRNDL outfit.

close up of London in a cashmere beret

When London was getting driving lessons from Mr. Moseby, she had to do it in style. I'm here for the beret and the lace top, so she passed in my book!

1. And finally, this all-pink number.

Now, listen. Is it over-the-top? Yes. The beret, the fringe sweater, the dog purse. THIS is London in all her rich girl glory, and it's why I love it!

Well, hey. It was 2000s Disney. We wanted color, we wanted layers, we wanted sequins — and London gave it all to us. What were your favorite and least favorite looks on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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