Arwin And Carey From "Suite Life" Duetted Each Other In A TikTok Video, Making Everyone’s Childhood Dreams Come True

    "So...this is TikTok?"

    If you grew up watching The Suite Life of Zack & Cody on Disney Channel, I'm sure you remember the gem of a character who was Arwin Hochauser.

    Arwin Hochauser from "Suite Life" in his signature work uniform

    Played by Brian Stepanek, Arwin was the wonderfully goofy engineer-slash-inventor for the Tipton Hotel who often got caught up in Zack and Cody's shenanigans for our viewing pleasure.

    Arwin sits next to Zack and Cody, who are dressed in similar work uniforms

    Well, Brian just joined TikTok, gave us a little throwback, and fans are kinda sorta freaking out.

    In the video, Brian transforms into his iconic Disney Channel role, all while dancing to Boney M.'s 1978 hit "Rasputin." As of right now, the TikTok was posted 19 hours ago, and it already has over 7.5 MILLION VIEWS.

    Can we also acknowledge the fact that time is a lie because this man hasn't aged since, like, 2005?????

    Arwin in "Suite Life" next to present-day Brian Stepanek dressed identically as his character

    Feeling old yet? Just wait — the nostalgia gets even better.

    Kim Rhodes, who played Carey Martin, Zack and Cody's mom on the show, saw Brian's video AND duetted it with her own reaction:

    The collab we didn't ask for but never knew we needed:

    Kim Rhodes watches Brian Stepanek dance in his TikTok video

    And let's not forget that Arwin had, like, the biggest crush on Carey.

    Arwin stares lovingly at Carey in a scene in "Suite Life"

    "Oh it's on," Kim cheekily captioned her video in response to Brian's. Does that mean we might see Carey appear in a TikTok soon? 👀

    Kim Rhodes now next to her character Carey Martin in "Suite Life" captioned with a bunch of question marks

    Whatever comes next, fans are loving the fact that this duet was even a thing:

    Seeing Carey and Arwin from Suite Life on Tik Tok made my entire morning It doesn't get better than this

    Arwin and Carey on TikTok? Amazing.

    The guy who played Arwin on Suite Life just joined tik tok and @kimrhodes4real just joined tik tok so now I have wrestled tik tok from the Gen Z-ers bc this is just my early teens come back for me

    Twitter: @jolauriang

    Our childhood selves are freaking out.


    Twitter: @ellaosco

    This is everything.

    Seeing carey and arwin from suit life dueting each other on tiktok is the best thing i’ve seen my entire life

    Twitter: @riaxmaa

    Basically, we need a "Suite Life" TikTok reunion. ASAP.

    first i got kimberly rhodes tiktok and now i got the guy who played arwin the janitor soon i will follow the entire cast of suite life of zack and cody on tiktok

    Twitter: @capiraeon

    In the meantime, you can rewatch Brian transforming into Arwin here: