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15 Jokes About Social Distancing That Made Me Cackle While Working From Home

*avoids the office and watches The Office.*

In case you haven’t heard, social distancing is one of the strategies health officials are recommending to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.


What is social distancing, you ask? Pretty much staying away from other people to avoid catching or spreading a virus — in this case COVID-19.


This can include working from home instead of commuting to the office, skipping your best friend’s birthday party this weekend, or missing that concert on Friday that you've had tickets to for months.


For many of us introverts, however, avoiding crowds and canceling plans are basically our superpowers.

Antonio Guillem / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

So to all the introverts out there, here are some funny tweets about social distancing to enjoy all by yourself.


Any other socially awkward introverts out there feel oddly aroused anytime anyone mutters the phrase “social distancing”? Asking for...myself. Obviously. 😔


Me, an introvert, learning social distancing is the only way to stop the corona virus:


As Single and introvert, we’ve been social distancing since before it was popular #COVID19


Introverts will win the year, for the first time ever :D #Covid_19 #CoronavirusPandemic


#CancelEverythingNow introverts are just chilling over here like:


Hey... if any of you extroverts need tips on social distancing, we’ve been doing it for years already.


Introverts have been doing this for years!!! Look whose suddenly the cool kids at the party now! #SocialDistancing


Finally something I'm good at - staying home and Avoiding people #haiku #senryu #SocialDistancing #introvert


Introverts and socially anxious people rn who’ve been preparing for #coronavirus their whole lives #CancelEverything #SocialDistancing


Finally introverts experience a world that is suited for us. All events cancelled, we don't even have to go thru the trouble of flaking. No one is making random small talk or physical contact. Everybody minding their business. 🙏🏿


Introverts watching the whole world forced to stay indoors due to Corona virus while they've been doing that for years #Covid_19


government: [cancels mass gatherings cause of coronavirus] me, a huge introvert: "oh darn"


To prevent #Covid_19 stay home, avoid physical contact and don't go into large crowds. Introverts: I've been preparing for this moment my entire life.


introverts and ppl w/ social anxiety rn thinking #CoronaOutbreak #CancelEverything


So "social distancing" is gonna save us all from #CoronaVirusSeattle. YAY INTROVERTS WILL SURVIVE AND RULE THE WORLD Quietly, of course. But still.