17 Screenshots Of Clueless Parents Who Made A Decision That Was, Well...Not The Best

    Whatever you do, don't let your parent post on Facebook without supervision.

    1. This dad who had no idea he bought flashlights with tasers:

    dad texting to warn about the tasers

    2. This mom who might just fall for a scam from "Elon Musk":

    fake elon account

    3. These parents who have an important announcement for their children:

    parents saying they don't want their kids and will be telling them tonight

    4. This mom who accidentally shared this controversial advice in the wrong Facebook group:

    person accidentally giving advice for a baby goat in a mom group

    5. This mom who chose this group name to break the news about grandpa:

    'lisa named group grandpa in the hospital"

    6. This mom who's literally charging for her daughter's play dates:

    mom laying down the rules for any playdates and charging for it

    7. This dad who sent these cryptic messages using "AI":

    dad sending gibberish from the AI program

    8. This mom's schedule for her three year old:

    mom posts a whole full schedule that her daughter has and asks if it's too much

    9. This dad who didn't actually mean to send a nice message:

    dad says the i love you gif was an accident

    10. This mom who's trying to get a huge deal:

    mom calls another a jerk for not taking $75 for her listed $150 item

    11. This dad's response after his wife won $20K (!!!) from the lottery:

    dad says he wishes it was more

    12. This mom who didn't check the date on this school board's Facebook status:

    comment saying this was 10 years ago

    13. This dad who hides all his posts on Facebook — then doesn't know why his feed is empty:

    dad clicked to hide everything

    14. This mom who's trying to make up for this "mommy moment":

    mom trying to buy an xbox after smashing her sons

    15. This dad who meant to send this *very unnecessary* message to his friend but accidentally sent it to his child instead:

    dad sending a sex joke meant for a friend

    16. This mom who wants a heavily discounted Audi with all these specs:

    person asking for a list of amenities for a new car on a budget

    And finally...

    17. This mom's reaction to not being on a MEMORIAL table at her child's wedding:

    mom mad that she needs to be dead to be included in the memorial table at the wedding