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    17 Tweets About PS5 Preorders That Are Painfully Hilarious

    The pain is real.

    Last night, the internet went wild when the PlayStation 5 became available for preorder — a whole day earlier than expected. Sony originally said that preorders for the PS5 would start on Thursday, but retailers like Best Buy made preordering available Wednesday evening, and the console sold out in no time.

    The brand new PS5
    Sony / Via

    Sad day :'(

    The PS5, which officially launches in November, has been highly anticipated by gamers everywhere for quite some time now, so you can imagine that this plot twist took many people by COMPLETE SURPRISE.

    So @PlayStation was like “oh we’ll give everyone plenty of heads up about preorders for PS5” Today: “here’s the price and release date, preorders start tomorrow!” Preorders sold out everywhere already before 10pm.

    Hearts are broken.

    Of course, there were those who were lucky enough to snag one.

    Just staring at my confirmed #PS5 pre-order email like a baby’s sonogram this morning.

    But many, however, weren't as lucky.

    I could not secure The PS5. It is sold out everywhere.

    So here are some of the best — and funniest — responses to the PS5 hype that pretty much sum up how people are feeling right now.


    The PS5 on Amazon sold out faster than the toilet paper at the start of the pandemic crisis.


    The playstation 5 preorder if you weren’t there the first 45 seconds: #ps5preorder


    Can’t find any stores to pre-order the PS5.


    Sony - We will give you plenty of time before pre-orders go up. Also Sony @PlayStation #ps5preorder


    woke up to see ps5 preorders sold out??


    the ps5 preorders going up early have me an adrenaline rush like no other


    Not the PS5 preorders being sold out literally everywhere already



    Just bought a PS5 on Craigslist. I cannot believe I got one so early.


    just bought one of those ps5 things


    When the person in front of me gets the last PS5 😂😂😂😂


    16 year olds explaining to their parents how getting them a ps5 will get them better grade


    Me on Black Friday when i catch a kid holding the last PS5


    Streamers now that XSX, PS5, and RTX 3090 are coming out:


    PlayStation 5 preorder in a nutshell #ps5preorder


    when you haven’t pre-ordered a PS5 yet.


    How I sleep knowing I dont have to buy someone’s son a ps5

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