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Spend A Winter Day In NYC And We’ll Tell You The Exact Date You’ll Meet Your Soulmate

Is love coming your way soon?

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Here's the deal: Let's rewind to pre-COVID days and pretend you're planning a winter trip to New York City. So, have fun and plan the perfect day in NYC, and we'll guess exactly when you'll meet your soulmate!


Let's get to it!

  1. First, when are you heading to NYC?

  2. Which street food are you grabbing for a quick bite?

  3. What's the first activity of the day?

  4. Which popular food do you want for your first actual meal?

  5. Now, pick a sweet treat you'd like to try:

  6. Choose another activity:

  7. Which fancy meal would you like?

  8. Finally, which type of show would you like to see before you go?

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