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    16 Savage Professors Who Clearly Had Enough And Weren't Afraid To Show It

    In conclusion: Please read the syllabus.

    1. This teacher who called out this student for not answering a question:

    2. This professor who had no tolerance for students who don't read the syllabus:

    i asked my professor about extra credit and i get this back πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Twitter: @LauerBen_25

    3. And this professor who had a quick response for "stupid questions":

    4. This teacher who came up with an unforgettable consequence for students who use the wrong font:

    A white board that reads: "Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12 point, no exceptions; if your font is huge, bold, or 'cute,' I will set your paper on fire"

    5. This professor who didn't have the energy for this:

    My professor put her phone number on the syllabus if we needed anything. She wasn't happy what I texted her #NoRegerts

    Twitter: @faux_patpitts

    6. This professor who kept it concise:

    Me, an intellectual, crafting an articulate and professional email to my professor My professor:

    Twitter: @Katja_Timm

    7. This professor who was β€” to put it simply β€” very disappointed in the final exam grades:

    "Unfortunately your finals, which I purposely made as easy as humanly possible, tanked harder than a Kardashian marriage. ... So congratulations on making me lose faith in the public school system and in humanity."

    8. This funny professor who didn't let this typo go:

    9. And this professor who had a hilarious response to this typo:

    Professor named Brian signs off with the photo of a brain after his student addresses him as "Brain" in a text message

    10. This professor who kept track of everything β€” from death threats from students to other job offers β€” and wasn't afraid to show it:

    11. This professor who gave new students a warm welcome:

    Note for attached file: "What to know about this course: Open this immediately and study it carefully!!!! This sets the tone for the entire course"
    The opened reading is a picture of a bunch of cartoon devils that says, "Welcome to hell"

    12. This teacher who kept a close eye on his students:

    13. This software development professor who called out students for going on Reddit during class...

    ...and then saw that a student posted it on Reddit and shared it with the entire class:

    14. This professor who can't be bothered:

    15. This professor who called out improper email etiquette:

    16. And this professor who made the deadline pretty clear: