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What’s It Like To Have Never Been In A Relationship?

When someone asks, "Why are you still single?" 😒

Let's get this straight: There's nothing wrong with being single. Romantic relationships are NOT the end all, be all — but often, if you're single and have never been in a relationship, it comes with a stigma.

A single person eats lunch outside, looking content

So, if you've never been in a serious relationship, we want to hear your experiences and perspectives when it comes to dating.

Two people enjoy a glass of wine on a date

Perhaps you've always wanted to be in a relationship, but you simply haven't found the right person yet.

Maybe family and friends have been insisting that you need to find "the one," and you have a lot to say about the pressures of being a single person.

A parent and adult child in the middle of an argument

Or maybe you find the dating world a bit exhausting at times — and you have plenty of insight to share about WHY you feel it's actually hard to find the right match.

Someone heartbroken sits down, with roses from a bouquet on the floor

Perhaps you're just living your life and aren't interested in a relationship right now (or at all) — and you have a unique perspective on life as an "always single" person for those who just don't get it.

If you've always been single, we want to hear your story!

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In the comments below, tell us YOUR dating/relationship perspectives and experiences as a person who has never been in a relationship. Your response might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!