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    19 Netflix Shows To Watch While You Wait For "You" Season 3

    Season 2 may be over, but no worries — we can fix that. We can

    🚨 Warning: You Season 2 spoilers beyond this point! 🚨

    1. Need some suspense? Try The Stranger.


    So, you know how Joe inserts himself in people’s lives, stalks them without them knowing, and digs up a lot of dark secrets? Well, the same thing kinda happens in The Stranger. This miniseries follows Adam Price, whose perfect world darkens when a mysterious stranger reveals a horrifying secret about his wife. Chaos ensues.

    2. Craving another thriller? Try What/If.


    If you’ve loved the suspense in You from the get-go, then What/If might also lure you in from the start. To save her tech startup, a scientist and her husband make a deal with an investor that completely alters their lives. Cue all the twists. And all the turns.

    3. Need a new detective show? Try Perfume.


    Even after Beck’s murder in Season 1, Joe couldn’t quite get his ex out of his mind. Perfume offers ~another~ twist on being haunted by old memories. In this drama series, detectives dig into a singer’s murder by questioning a group of boarding school friends she once knew. Although she’s long gone, her scent glands are excised for the investigation, revealing details about her life and secrets about each students' past.

    4. Obsessed with true crime? Try Dirty John.


    If you were hooked by Joe and Love’s twisted romance, you might become just as obsessed with John and Debra’s. Based on a true story, Dirty John centers on Debra Newell, a successful businesswoman who falls for a man who she discovers is not only lying about his identity but also keeping dangerous secrets that threaten her life. He sounds a bit like Joe, doesn’t he?

    5. Intrigued by murder mysteries? Try Safe.


    Who else is ~dying~ to know what’s gonna happen when Love and Joe start life in the suburbs?!? Safe might tide us over until we find out. Living in a small, wealthy, gated community, Dr. Tom Delaney struggles to adjust to his new life a year after his wife’s death. When one of his teenage daughters disappears, the widowed surgeon uncovers disturbing secrets about the neighborhood he thought he knew. *Frantically presses play.*

    6. Fan of Love Quinn? Try The Haunting of Hill House.


    Before she played a Quinn twin on You, Victoria Pedretti played a Crain twin on The Haunting of Hill House. In this supernatural drama, the five Crain children confront chilling memories of an old home that haunted them in their childhood. Prepare for eerie flashbacks and shocking twists in every episode.

    7. Want more drama? Try Gossip Girl.


    If you’re an OG Penn Badgley fan, you probably know him as Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl. This iconic series follows a group of privileged teens living on the Upper East Side as an anonymous blogger watches their every move — and exposes their secrets. If you haven’t binge-watched the show before, now’s the perfect time.

    8. Already a Gossip Girl fan? Try Elite.


    Maybe you already watched Gossip Girl a dozen times. If that’s the case, try Elite. Three working-class teens receive scholarships to attend an exclusive private school, but the clashes between the new and old students eventually lead to murder. So, no blogger but still lots of rich kids drama.

    9. Love a good crime drama? Try Ozark.


    By now, we know Joe gets himself tangled in some sticky situations. Marty Bird can relate. In Ozark, financial advisor Martin “Marty” Bird’s failed money laundering scheme lands him in trouble with a drug cartel. Now, he and his entire family are forced into a life of crime in order to survive. Joe’s pinky finger and Marty would agree: Don’t 👏 owe 👏 random 👏 strangers 👏 money!!!!

    10. Hooked on sci-fi? Try Omniscient.


    We’re used to Joe’s Insta stalking. Now, imagine a world where everyone is stalked by drones 24/7. Omniscient follows a tech employee who investigates a murder that was somehow committed without being captured, in a city where constant surveillance means there’s nowhere to hide. I mean, can Joe even compete with that?

    11. Looking for melodrama? Try How to Get Away With Murder.


    Joe (and Love) know a thing or two about getting away with murder. How to Get Away With Murder centers on law professor and criminal defense attorney Annalise Keating as she and five of her students get entangled in a dark murder case. Rewatch this hit series (or watch it for the first time) to get your Viola Davis fix, and enjoy lots of twists that will keep you hooked. Thank you, Shondaland.

    12. Have a soft spot for Joe? Try Dexter.


    Before there was Joe Goldberg, there was Dexter Morgan. For those who haven't yet been acquainted with this drama series, Dexter follows a forensic expert who secretly commits his own crimes as a serial killer. But here’s the thing: He targets only the guilty, including other murderers. If you were amused by the whole Joe/Will ordeal in Season 2, you’re in for a treat with Dexter’s double life.

    13. Want more true crime? Try The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.


    The second season of American Crime Story delves into the complex murder mystery of legendary fashion designer Gianni Versace. Inspired by actual events, this series stars Darren Criss (!!) as serial killer Andrew Cunanan, who murdered Versace and four other people — and his performance is one you likely won’t forget.

    14. Ready for twists and turns? Try The Sinner.

    USA Network

    Remember when Joe couldn’t remember if he’d killed Delilah? Well, in The Sinner, a woman stabs a man to death but has no memory of the crime. Detective Harry Ambrose’s investigation unravels a series of dark secrets. *Opens a bag of popcorn.*

    15. Total film snob? Try Bates Motel.


    Did the Quinn family keep you on the edge of your seat? This psychological drama will give you even more family drama. Based on Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 horror film Psycho, Bates Motel features Norman Bates years before his days as a serial killer. Follow teenage Bates’s complicated relationship with his mother as they run a small motel together after the death of his father. *Microwaves another bag of popcorn.*

    16. Big fan of criminal psych? Try Mindhunter.


    If you like trying to understand Joe’s mind, you may also like diving into more serial killers’ brains. In Mindhunter, FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench interview serial killers in order to solve ongoing cases. Fun fact: This crime thriller gives a look into how criminal profiling actually began at the FBI. Perfect for the intellectually curious.

    17. Like a bit of drama behind bars? Try Locked Up.


    As seen in You, romance makes people do some pretty risky things. Just ask Joe or Love or Forty or...well, you get it. In Locked Up, Macarena Ferreiro falls in love with her boss who ends up framing her for tax crimes that land her in prison. Now, she must adjust to her new life with ruthless inmates and find a way to survive.

    18. Love a witty plot? Try Breaking Bad.


    Think Joe puts his life at risk? Don't forget Breaking Bad’s Walter White. After being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, this high school chemistry teacher turns to selling crystal meth to make enough money to provide for his family. Get ready to ride this emotional rollercoaster (because you’re probably gonna watch/rewatch an entire season in one sitting).

    19. Still looking for more? Try Unauthorized Living.


    You binge-watched all these shows? Unauthorized Living may satisfy your hunger. When a drug lord is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he must choose a successor to take over the family business. Expect more drama than Joe meeting Mr. and Mrs. Quinn at their wellness retreat.


    Andrew Cunanan killed Gianni Versace and four other people. A previous version of this post misstated the number of murders.

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