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Millennials And Gen Z'ers, What Do You Want Your Boomer Parents To Know?

This conversation is long overdue.

Every generation has its differences, and it's no secret that Gen Z'ers and millennials often disagree with baby boomers when it comes to their perspectives on life.

But despite these differences, we can always have a healthy dialogue to create more understanding. So, millennials and Gen Z'ers, what are things you want baby boomer parents to know?

Maybe getting their unsolicited advice when it comes to things like dating, jobs, and money is actually a pet peeve of yours — and you want to speak out on why certain advice is unhelpful or outdated.

A printed resume on a table with someone holding wooden blocks that spell out "job"

Perhaps you think it's time for more of the older generation to recognize problematic norms that existed in their generation and *still* exist today — like sexism or toxic masculinity.

And maybe you feel like Gen Z'ers and millennials have done well with speaking on issues that were once taboo, like mental health struggles, and you wish your parents were more open-minded when it comes to these conversations.

Someone speaks to a therapist during a counseling session

Or perhaps you're tired of certain misconceptions or generalizations you've had them make about you or your generation, like the idea that younger generations are "too soft," lazy, and entitled.

Gen Z'ers and millennials, it's time to share your ~real~ thoughts. In the comments below, share what you think boomer parents should know or stop doing for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.